Our Company

Agro-K has been a pioneer for more than 35 years in the creation of exceptionally effective foliar nutrition and soil conditioning systems for agriculture. Agro-K products evolved from a comprehensive understanding of plant physiology and soil microbiology. This basis in the science of cellular-level plant development means our products are fine-tuned to help crops receive the nutrients they need precisely when that need peaks.

Agro-K soil conditioning and foliar plant nutrition technologies can assure that crops are growing in balanced, complex microbial soils and then receive the minerals needed for more robust root growth, more effective leaf area development, and stronger stalks or trunks to support more efficient vascular systems. These are the foundations for more effective nutrient uptake, photosynthesis, and translocation of minerals, water, and other building blocks of healthy plants. These plants – whether row crops, vegetables, tree fruit, nuts, or vines – are better able to tolerate the inevitable stresses of the growing season to produce more abundant, higher-quality harvests.

By using the Agro-K plant physiology-based system for full season nutrition producers can achieve faster, more profitable payback to their investment in their land, the labor, their nutrient and plant protection inputs.

Agro-K currently has clients, distributors or its own operations in Korea, Japan, Australia and Philippines in Asia Pacific.

It has branches in Panama and Costa Rica. It plans to have a new factory and offices in Ecuador. In USA it operates out of the main office in Minneapolis and has national distributors around the United States.

In the Philippines, Agro-K has been operating for 3 years. It is helping and assisting farm corporations and entities achieve the desired quality of their produce, fit for international consumption.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support growers and ranchers in their continuous effort to produce high quality crops and livestock in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner.

The key to Agro-K products is how they unlock valuable tools already present in nature’s soil and in animal digestive systems. Improved utilization of important elements enables plants or animals to increase vigor and produce more efficiently.

Our focus is on commercial growers, farmers, advisors, applicators and distributors within the agricultural community.

Over 12 years ago, we developed the major breakthrough technology to enable plants that are on Agro-K’s nutrient program, to effectively defend itself by developing it’s own resistance to diseases. This phenomenon is called “INDUCED RESISTANCE” to diseases. So it has nutrients that will allow the growers to use appropriate foliar nutrients while also defending the plant against diseases.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment free of harmful chemical products.

Agro-K aims to be the country’s forefront and premier expert in spikes technology and to deliver nutritional requirements of the agriculture industry in the most economic and environment- friendly way possible, with fulfilling results.

For decades, our driving force is to be an environmentally responsible and technology-driven company while maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence and innovation for creating sustainable value for our stakeholders, associates, customers and the environment.

If one method proves to be effective in improving banana production, boosting workers income and helping the environment all at the same time, wouldn’t everybody be already jumping on the bandwagon?